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Whether you are a graphics, office, or digital music professional, a serious home user or photographer, APK Solutions can improve your computer experience. We'll evaluate your workflow and optimize your network and workstations to achieve the greatest performance and stability possible, and we'll examine your individual needs to develop comprehensive short and long-term solutions.

Our company specializes in Server Administration, Cross-Platform PC/Mac Management, and Disaster Recovery Solutions. We have extensive knowledge and expertise with both Macintosh and PC software and hardware. When you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive clear answers, expert work, and professional follow-up support.

Our computer consulting services include:

For digital imaging professionals, allow us to utilize our comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise in setting up state of the art photography studios, graphic design businesses, and service bureaus. We will optimize your workplace by implementing accurate, repeatable color, by managing and organizing digital images, and by utilizing our engineering experience to resolve your technical problems and streamline your workflow.

Through 30 years collaborating with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, UC Berkeley and Alcatel on their cutting-edge technological projects, we have amassed an exceptionally broad range of expertise which we can utilize to optimize your particular operation. Please allow us to share our vision and transform your workplace.

Allen Klein – Computer Consultant, APK Solutions



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