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Meftal spas equivalent in usa, is now being used in the city for spa treatments, but as in China, with the added bonus (to my knowledge) of free water and massage services! The massage spa at our first guesthouse, Sauna Suites, was a great addition to our experience. The main areas of massage were in the rooms and we were all given massage chairs to relax on. We were a bunch of exhausted college guys, so we didn't really mind spending the whole day in room, although some people did and seemed less "nice" to us than others. It gave ample time to explore the area. I found some cool little things that were on the tables in room. A map of the city, and various photos/videos of the city. It's one places that I look back on because they were really good. This was the room I in with my roommates. We're sitting in the back of room, drinking tea, and getting ready to go the spa later that day. We were allowed to wash off before going in, but we didn't use the hot bath. It was just for show. We're back in our room once again, with just the bathtub as only form of heat. After a nice hot bath, we're ready to leave. The next morning we headed to the Spa Suites relax and enjoy our day. Now we were getting to the good part. One of the benefits staying in a spa is that it gives you access Cetirizine dose child nz to a host. In this case, it was a friend who lived outside the city. She let us use the spa to get healthy and lose weight. I had never been on an exercise bike/spa visit before, so I don't remember a lot of it. But, I believe that we exercised in the massage ro