"To potential clients considering using Allen's services:

Allen Klein played a consulting role in directing and guiding in the transition from older technology and installation of my new computer systems. Allen provided his professional advice, evaluations and recommendations and guidance with the different options to meet my goals and objectives. This included, but was not just limited to software and hardware products, designing work-a-rounds and finding developer software to sync my equipment.

He is not a new kid on the block as his resume will attest to, with lots of experience in the computer field. He is an industrious, detail-oriented, organized and an intelligent professional. He is quick of mind and a logical thinker who is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. If Allen says he will be there – then he will be there. He shows up fully prepared having done his research and studying ahead of each meeting. He has a happy and positive personality and demeanor. He always shows a positive attitude and spirit in his work.

I have two full time jobs -- Senior Investment Officer and Adjunct Professor of Finance, hence I don't have time for trial and error and Allen was the perfect fit for me.

I would have no hesitancy in recommending Allen for an assignment or position in his field of expertise. I seldom provide open letters of recommendations but am most happy to do so for Allen."

–Donald Holcher
Senior Investment Officer and Finance Instructor
"Allen Klein (APK Solutions) came to our rescue when we were struggling
to solve some persistent problems in our newspaper production class. We
now have a new server and file sharing system, fonts that work, and
significantly fewer printing glitches."

–Martha Nelson, PhD, RN
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Dominican University of California

"I recently utilized the services of APK Solutions to upgrade our office computer's hard drive on a 5+ year old system. I was worried about the likely possibility of the old hard drive failing catastrophically since the system was crashing routinely. I was satisfied with my existing software and was not eager to spend thousands of dollars on new software and a new system. Allen came in, diagnosed the problem, debugged my system of a virus, and reconfigured my software to run on the new hard drive. I was impressed with his knowledge, his integrity, and his total commitment to the client. The job was done right and in a timely manner with minimal impact on our dental office. I would not hesitate to call on APK Solutions again should the need arise."

–Dr. James Friedman, D.D.S., Greenbrae, CA
"With 11 computers in my studio, Allen Klein is the first and only person I trust to work on my systems when my computers and networks break down. He has saved the day more times than I can ever thank him for. When he walks into a room, misbehaving computers quake in fear. It's not that he's one of best, there simply is no one better."

–Vincent Versace
Smithsonian Laureate
, Photographer, Hollywood, CA
"My experience with Allen at APK Solutions was outstanding. I brought Allen the hard drive from my twelve year old Mac Performa which had crashed, and he was able to extract the entire contents and transfer it to a CD. With his help I am now able to use those important transferred documents on my G3. I was greatly impressed with his knowledge of computers and electronics and his passionate interest in my problem. After I left, he followed through with me to make sure I got everything running, and guided me through the process to success."

–Carla Normand, Petaluma, CA
"Allen has been my guide through the digital wilderness. Even after more than twenty-five years shooting professionally I found the steep learning curve of the digital revolution to be daunting. Allen's deep technical understanding and love of photography makes him perfectly suited to helping photographers achieve the results they desire from the new media."

–John Edwards Photography, San Francisco, CA
"If you need an outstanding digital expert who explains things in clear, simple language and is patient yet persevering, I cannot recommend APK Solutions more highly. Allen taught me the basics of photoshop in a morning, and I shall be forever grateful. He is an exceptional teacher. APK Solutions zeros in on your digital problems, helps you solve them though expert teaching and/or advice, and makes you realize that what you hated you now love. For the best, most professional guidance, call APK and save yourself more frustration and headaches."

–Lynn Padwe, professional photographer/journalist, NYC
"I've used APK Solutions in both my workplace and in my home office. Allen was extremely professional, thorough, and knowledgeable in every way with setting up our computer networks, recommendations, installation, and troubleshooting.
All our systems are now running smoothly and efficiently."

–Jennifer Porter-Kenyon
Kenyon Design Group
"Allen really knows his stuff when it comes to networking. We chose
Allen to design and implement our company intranet and remote network
because of his deep technological knowledge, his accessibility and his
fast response times. Allen set up our network for three locations in
NYC from the San Francisco Bay Area without ever seeing our equipment.
He worked with us via phone, email, and did the rest by remote access
to our routers. We're very happy with the feature-rich, stable and
secure solution he developed for us."

–David Weber, Co-founder, New York, NY
Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
"I am a psychologist in private practice and a supervisor and trainer to students and professionals in the field of psychology. Allen Klein has been my technological support person for over 5 years. We have a monthly contract and with that I can ask all the technology questions I want and he keeps me up and running. He is responsive to all my calls and has gotten me out of many jams that would have affected my business drastically. He makes himself available at odd hours and I feel secure that he will support my systems, keep me upgraded with the latest hardware and software so I can keep working without problems. He advises me in all areas regarding purchasing of equipment and installation. Allen is quite likable, friendly and easy to be around. I recommend Allen highly for medical offices due to his professional demeanor."

–Dr. Patricia Frisch
"I am delighted to highly recommend APK Solutions to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, responsible person to service their computer needs. I have known Allen Klein for about five years and have used his services several times each year to maintain and service my Mac system. Allen really knows his stuff, even the arcane stuff that I, as a person who is fairly computer literate, never had the time or inclination to learn. He has never failed me in my infrequent emergencies, always ready to help in person if need be. His prices are reasonable and for the quality of service that Allen gives to my computer needs, a good value. I am a psychiatrist who uses the computer a great deal for internet work, research, and writing."

–Richard A. Blasband, M.D.
Research Director, Center for Functional Research
Sausalito, CA
Dear Allen,

"Thank you for the extraordinary job that you did on retrieving all my data and files when my computer crashed. Not 1 byte of data was lost. I have every file, every email and every email address.

You have been servicing our computers for about four years. I have been very pleased with everything that you have done, from installing our network to getting out scientific programs to run to getting rid of a few nasty viruses. And I am grateful for your recommendations regarding backup safeguards, which were as good as you said they were, when we actually needed them.

Because I was a computer programmer/systems analyst and managed software development and support for 14 years, I am certain that your clients have no idea how overqualified you are for this work and so they have no real appreciation for the terrific work that you do for us. I know just how hard it is to do what you do. So I know that you are the best!!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Joanne Mied, N.D.

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