APK Solutions – Automating Tasks

Our background in test engineering has given us extensive experience in putting together time-saving tools that assist computer users with performing repetitive tasks. These are operations that you are so familiar with that you simply go through the motions. Some examples might be clicking menus, adjusting and resizing images, typing the same text over and over again, automating the creation of photography proof sheets and emailing them to clients, opening up files to copy and paste blocks of text into your current document, or any function that you need to perform on a regular basis.

Automation can also be performed at the system level, i.e., maintaining the file system's reliability by automatically running software tools on a regular basis, sending email messages from a daily report, or controlling business-related equipment.

We will streamline your workflow by implementing computer-automation whenever appropriate. Our experience in this arena has had us automating routine computer operations, laboratories running highly complex test equipment, temperature controllers, and design verification processes.

If you have a need to implement a custom function for a computer to perform in your business or home, we can accomplish this by designing and installing the software and/or hardware. Call us with any automation requests, and we'd be happy to discuss some alternatives to repetitive, labor intensive tasks.


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