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Network Security, Remote networks, VPN design and installation

We specialize in designing and implementing secure networks that offer you the ability to connect to other offices in your company. We design your firewall with Juniper Networks Netscreen products, to protect your sensitive data. The data is transmitted using very advanced algorithms, designed to keep out even the most ingenious and determined hackers. Your network is monitored 24/7 by policies that we design into the firewall. Any attempts to break into your system are blocked and flagged via email messages. Our clients' sensitive data are our number one priority. Our clients include doctors' offices and mortgage brokerages. They require 100% reliable security, due to the sensitive nature of their client data that is transmitted over their local and remote networks.

We can quickly add secure, remote control functionality to your network. This will give you the ability to operate any machine connected to your network, from an office/residence that has an internet connection, including wi-fi hot spots (i.e., from a cafe), from anywhere in the world. This means that you have access to all files on your computers, and can use them remotely (even copy them to the remote computer). The modern computer model is quickly moving in the direction of connectivity between all machines. There are usually too many files for you to keep track of, and they're scattered between many machines in your office (and home). A VPN (virtual private network) gives you the ability to treat all your files (regardless of where they reside, in your main office, or in some remote office on a separate network), as if they were on your main machine. If you need access to a document, or image that you prepared in your office the day before (but you're offsite), you can access your files from anywhere.

Your network needs more attention to detail than just simply installing anti-virus software. Yes –protecting the valuable files that run your business is extremely important. This is just a matter of installing the utility and assigning an in-house employee to the task of keeping software up to date. A network needs to be designed properly to begin with. Not all the wiring connecting computer equipment and computer users is created equal. The irony is that network speeds more often than not, lag current network technology due to a variety of reasons, including inadequate wiring. Some prudent planning before the equipment is purchased and a consultation with us, will ensure that your network is designed for efficient, stable and reliable performance over time. Network down time is, unfortunately very common in the world of computers, and can be attributed to many causes. These factors can be avoided by designing the network properly to begin with, or modifying an existing network for consistant, great performance.  If your network is running sluggishly, we can remedy this by implementing good engineering practices and by making modifications that allow your system to perform correctly. The following examples that cause a degradation in network performance (which can make networks crash, and/or run slowly) can be avoided by having us evaluate your network needs:

We can measure and evaluate your network's current performance, or create a very stable, reliable new network for you from scratch. In any event, with our experience and expertise, we are confident that your network will be running better than it ever did when we have completed the task.

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