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Allen Klein, Computer Consultant and Owner:
Background and experience are in the field of electronics engineering and computer systems.

Curriculum Vitae:

My passion for technology began when I was 7 years old (although I have an old Kodachrome slide taken of me at age 2, playing with a couple of D cells). Growing up in The Bronx, most of my free time was occupied with the designing and building of electronics circuits that wound up in various 'black boxes.' From an early age, my interest in electronics tube circuits soon shifted towards transistors, then to IC's and eventually to the internal workings of computers and computer systems.

After graduating from high school, I attended a school that specialized in teaching electronics technology. I graduated with an associates degree in electronics and after working for many years, first, repairing very complex laboratory test equipment, then, designing circuits as a junior level engineer, I went back to school to receive my bachelors degree in electrical engineering.

I have since worked with Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, Alcatel, Siliconix, Dominican University, UC Berkeley and many other companies as an engineer and engineering consultant. I was on the original SPARKstation engineering team at Sun Microsystems, and directly involved with the original DSL design at Alcatel, which eventually turned DSL into a household term. I helped develop the first fiber optic equipment for the telecom industry and designed circuitry that was launched into outer space in a NASA sponsored rocket. I  was on an engineering team that produced the first modern medical CAT scanner.

Several years ago, I started APK Solutions, a consulting company that produces problem solving solutions to a variety of computer system problems, and offers our comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise to digital imaging professionals. In addition to my engineering background, I am also a professional photographer. My technical background has turned out to be very valuable to this new and exciting field of digital imaging.

We look forward to working with you. Please note that we are fully licensed and insured.

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