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–Backup Systems custom designed for your individual needs

Thousands of businesses lose millions of dollars worth of information due to:

Your company should have procedures in place to handle any possible disaster. It is not always possible to properly replace data. A far better strategy is to protect it against loss.

APK Solutions will install a reliable, automated backup system that will safeguard your valuable data. Please don't wait until disaster strikes. Although we use all resources and every technique available to recover lost data, it is preferable to take preventative measures so that your data is secure. All hard drives will eventually fail, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when this will occur. The only thing we can really predict is that it will most probably happen at the worst possible moment! Assigning somebody to manually operate a backup system is not nearly as powerful as having an automatic system in place. We've received many calls from clients stating that they neglected to perform the last backup before the files became inaccessible, and they lost crucial files before the drive crashed.

We'd be happy to evaluate your data security and help you implement a rock-solid, reliable system to defend your precious data.

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